Monday, November 23, 2015

The Crucible Final Essay

Assignment sheet with rubric

Literary Analysis Essay: The Crucible
Choose 1 (ONE) of the following topics and write a complete, organized essay (introduction, body, conclusion) using correct MLA format. Use complete sentences and balance your evidence with analytical commentary (it will help many of you to use the CD/CM/CM format to ensure this). Provide SPECIFIC DETAILS from the text!  
Essay Choices
  1. The Crucible is an argument made by an author in a particular time and place. In a well-written essay, examine the methods Miller uses to make his argument to the American people when it opened on Broadway on October 10, 1953. Make sure you discuss specific elements and passages of the play to support your analysis.
  2. From the play The Crucible, select an important character that is a villain. Then, in a well-organized essay, analyze the nature of the character's villainy and show how it enhances meaning in the work. Be sure to include specific textual evidence.
  3. Analyze how one or more characters in The Crucible deals with adversity. Give specific reasons for your choice and use concrete evidence from the play to support your assertion.
  4. Select either HYSTERIA or CRUCIBLE and explain through specific references to the play how important these terms are to the understanding of Miller’s play. You will need to have a dictionary definition as part of your answer. Make sure you discuss specific elements and passages of the play to support your analysis.
  5. There are many themes that Miller attempts to explore in The Crucible. Select one (1) of them and discuss what his insight into human nature and life is as it relates to the way he presents the theme in The Crucible. (Hatred, jealousy/envy, lust for power, hypocrisy, evil, prejudice/narrow-mindedness, greed are some examples of topics you could develop a theme from.)
  6. Discuss how the girls were like wolves in sheep’s clothing and how the citizens of Salem were blind little lambs, willing to be taken to slaughter. Again be sure to use text evidence to support your point of view.
  • Analytical claim (thesis)
  • 3 direct quotations and 3 indirect quotations, cited in MLA format
  • Approximately 450 words (give or take 10% – 405-495 words); MLA format (see website)
  • When you turn in your essay, you MUST include the following:
  1. Final Draft on the top
  2. Rough draft
  3. Prewriting
  4. Rubric on the bottom
Points: 80