Google Account Guidelines

  • Go to:
  • login using your school username (remember your username is 1st 4 letters of your last name period followed by the first 4 letters of your first name and the day you were born. So John Smith born on the 12th of May would be smit.john11).
  • Everything is built around the email app. It's from there you can get to your Google Account settings most easily.
Google Documents
  • Google Docs can be accessed via the Drive link in the upper left corner of the Mail page. 
  • We'll use the following naming function for Google Documents (process papers):
    Per# Last First Assignment Title
  • If the assignment is called "JFK Paper", my document title would look like this:
    Per1 Giddings Andrew JFK Paper
  • Share it with me (agiddings) using the Share link in the upper right of the document window. Allow me to edit and I can leave comments for you.
  • Share one file. Google maintains a revision history for everything done to a file. You do not need to submit a rough draft as it is incorporated into the file. Please submit only one file per paper.

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