Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Own Your Education

You are writing an essay that will use three types of arrangements to answer three different sets of questions.
Definition: How can it be defined?
Description: What does it look like? What are its characteristics?
Exemplification: What are some examples of it?
This prompt requires you to accomplish accomplish two tasks. First, you must define what it means for someone to own their education. That may include describing as well as defining.  Then you must explain, using examples, what it would mean for you to own your education. That will likely involve connecting the generalized descriptions with specific examples of what it would look like for you to do this.

When writing this, consider where you are at in high school right now. However, also consider where you want to go in life and what education or training you may need to get there. While the state has defined the minimum requirements for graduating high school, there is room to both customize that and position yourself for success in your chosen field. Often with all the grad requirements and tests mandated by the state it can be easy to become passive and take on a “whatever” attitude. Yet we also all know that education and training is one of the most important currencies in our society, and the only one readily available to everyone. This essay deals with the overarching issue of how we should spend that currency to our best individual advantage.

Due Dates
Rough Draft: End of the period tomorrow, Thursday January 29th.
Final Draft: Monday February 2nd

Length: 450-650 words

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