Thursday, January 22, 2015

Semester Final

If you somehow missed what was going to be on the final, here you go.

Study the image grammar stuff we've been doing. Know how to spot a participle, absolute, appositive, and adjectives out of order. These links were developed by others who use the same system I'm using.

The rest of it is hard to study for. There is a section with excerpts from Plainswoman where you have to answer questions about the text. There is some poetry you answer questions about (that's why we were going over those poems again). There is also a piece you haven't seen before that I've asked some questions about to see how you can read and determine meaning.

The last part is you take a position on a statement and defend your position in a 2-chunk paragraph like we did with Emerson.

The most you can really do to prepare is to reread the poetry from the Romanticism section and make sure you understand what's going on and then study the grammar. The two links above should help remind you what we did in class. We'll likely use that PDF later. I hope that helps.

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